Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2011

Mr. Ich

I really like this video. Ahhh das Video ist echt scharf ^_^

- ich hab es entfernt - I deleted it because it nerved me off -
der link: ...ach sucht selbst auf soulsaver, da ist es sowieso cooler als hier ;)

It's about this guy who just thinks of himself. He's a real macho. But he does have a conscience - it's the telephone that rings all the time asking him things like "When was the last time you called your mother" (pff..) or "Why did you cheat on your girlfriend?". His reactions change from overly self-confident to sensitive and frustrated. He even admits that he's not the only person on this planet. Well, whatever....even if it seems overstated the idea is initiated through our very own thoughts - it's normal to look after number one. Everyone wants to get the best out of oneself. But... just maybe...if you are honest...a good man thinks of himself last.

Wort des Tages: ego trip - (wer hätte das gedacht:) Egotrip

Bibelvers des Tages: Psalm 142,6
"HERR, du bist meine Zuversicht, mein Teil im Lande der Lebendigen"

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