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NEW FEATURE + Running Man

I have a new feature - my surprise video site.  Please check it out. I will feature videos once in a while, always with english subtitels in it. So I may end up having some movies on this side. Always online streaming of course. Ich habe eine neue Seite gemacht - meine Überraschungsvideo Seite. Klingt total bekloppt, ist es aber gar nicht. Bitte schaut es euch doch mal an. Ich werde immer mal wieder etwas neues auf diese Seite stellen, immer mit englischen Untertiteln natürlich. Also vielleicht stelle ich auch ein paar Filme auf diese Seite. Immer online streaming natürlich.

This time it's Running Man. A korean variety show that I watched lately. This show is about a famous cast that gets to solve tasks, mostly hide and seek games. The MCs and guests play games and carry out missions in the famous landmark, and are required to win missions to earn Running Balls. The team with Running Balls will win, while the losing team will be punished. They usually invite well-known celebs as guests to their show. I just added the first episode and if it is hard to watch because you don't know who is the cast of the show, then please read the following description from wikipedia. I added some things though. Aegyooo, I really wish we could have something like that in Germany. It is so much fun. Ich habe den gesamten Artikel auf Englisch geschrieben, weil man Running Man auch nur schauen kann, wenn man die Sprache ausreichend beherrscht. Oder will das irgendjemand auf Deutsch??

Running Man hosts:

Yu Jae-suk

Jae-suk is a well known MC in Korea. He did a lot of shows and has a 20 year experience in show business as a host. He is a pro and tries hard to keep this show fun and entertaining. They have their own humor over there at korea. But I really like it because they are all very kind and usually nag with each other. In my opinion it's far more entertaining than GNTM or DSDS. WHY? Because they don't use insults, they have chemistry and they care for each other. Come on can't we be a little more friendly and funny in german TV. Everything feels so stiff and robotic. Of course we have good 'comedians' but not that much interacting you know. No real emotions, no surprise, no hilariousness. Well...maybe a little.

Ji Suk-jin 

The oldest member of the show is also a well known MC. He is funny but has a rather rude way of joking. A little bit like a grandmother always nagging around. I like him, höhö. He has this sarcasm that I fund. Being straight forward and always having a funny answer is his strong point. I think he is actually pretty concious of his actions because he often makes fun of himself. Ji Suk-jin is known as Big Nose Older Brother (왕코형님) for his known big nose. He is often shown as weak during the race mission and is frequently and easily caught.

Kim Jong-kook

That guy has muscels, man! Wuhuu. He really stands out. Good looking, charming, strong, fast and totally cute at times. They pick on him for that but I'm absolutely onboard with this cuteness. He surprises me all the time but I guess he can easily handle stress due to his everyday workout. Sport is actually a good thing, if it tourns out like this. He is usually the leader of one team and Jae Suk Jin the leader of the other one. Jong-kook is a singer and has a strong! record of successful albums in recent years, despite his high voice (so doesn't fit with his appearence hehe). The strongest man on the show, Kim Jong-kook is known as Sparta-kook-s (스파르타국스) and Capable One (능력자) for his skill in capturing others during the race mission. Sparta-kook-s is a parody of Spartacus. He also known as "Kookie^^" for his cuteness and "aegyo".


Gary is one of my favourites. Wait..they all are my favourites. Whatever, he is a rapper and a totally cool one. He also has his own restaurant and thus is surprisingly fast in counting bank notes (talk about random things). Besides that I'M A FAN OF THE MONDAY COUPLE (thats just me overreacting). Featured as one of the "variety rookies", Gary is known as Peaceful Gary (평온개리) for his calm facial expressions during the Photo Zone Game and throughout the show. He is also known as Ga-colas Cage (개콜라스 케이지) during the race mission, which is a parody of Nicolas Cage.

Ahahaha my Ha-ha. he is really likeable even if it did not occur to me in the beggining. He usually makes funny faces and imitates Hollywood movies. You could call him weak but he just has a soft heart. Because he is one of the talkative people he keeps inventing new jokes and acts cute. I really like him because I can sense something mature about him even if he seems often childish. I guess small and funny guys are my soft spot, da'<&$mn!Ha-ha is often picked on by the other members. He is known as Ha-roro (하로로) for his similar appearance to Pororo the Little Penguin.

Featured as one of the "variety rookies", Lee Kwang-soo has build an image known as Incriminating Kwang-su (모함광수), where he frames his fellow members with embarrassing and often absurd rumours that I simply love. They are so hilarious that my stomach hurts from laughing. Kwang-soo has this charm of a tall, stiff guy that looks like he would like to be smaller, always bowing down and apologizing. He is shy and tries hard to receive attention from the others. I read that he is 1,90 meter high, which hits a soft spot of mine again. Tall and cute guy? I'm in! He has a seriously big mouth that leads to funny facial expressions and his whole appearance looks dorky. It hurts myself when he makes this lonely face but it's really funny to watch him, being so desperate and spechless. He is an actor and starred in a few well-known korean dramas. 

Song Ji-hyo

Ji-hyo is my only female friend in this show. She is cute, straight forward and fast as a woman can be. They tend to mock her in a older brother and younger sister way. But I think she is like a princess that doesn't care about her image. The kind of woman that participates in every amusement with a boyish toughness and a goddess like appearence. Just my opinion. The only female member of the show, Song Ji-hyo is known as Song Ji-yok (송지욕), where "yok" means "to abuse", because of her abuse toward some of the members like Lee Kwang-su and Ha-ha. She is also known as Mung Ji-hyo (멍지효), where "mung" means "confused", because of her facial expressions which makes her seem confused. During the race mission, she is referred to as an Ace (에이스) due to her similar running/catching capabilities as Kim Jong-kook.

The following were previously members of Running Man but have since left the show.


The "long-term guest" of Running Man and member of girl group 'After School'. Lizzy is known as the country girl from Busan. As of episode 26, she has left the program for 'After School' activities. She is a really smart girl with a crazy attitude. Because she came to the show rather late I think she never really got part of the cast. I have to say that I did not care that much about her as a viewer. She did not fit the show and the whole joking around thing. But as a girl of her age I totally like her. She says everything in this outright way, a little bit shameless but always adorable. I never heard about 'After School' but I will definitely google them soon.

Song Joong Ki

Featured as one of the "variety rookies", Song Joong-ki is known for his good-looks and is referred to as Flower Joong-ki, meaning pretty and is referred to as Brain Joong-ki. He is also known as Active Young Man when he either wants to try something new or believes he can do something well, but fails. As of episode 42, he has left the program to focus on his acting career. Which is a pity. I began to watch this show because of him. His role in 'Sungkyungkwan Scandal' as 'Goo Yong-ha' has absolutly swoon me away. Since back then I am a fan and I will continue to do so, tough he left the show. It's a loss no doubt about that, but since he will continue to work on his acting career I'm satisfied. I hope he evolves in a good way - my fingers are crossed.

This is my first variety show and it will always stay my favourite. Just as Hana Kimi will always be my first Dorama and my favourite. YAY for asien pop culture!!

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