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One thing I want to add to this is my new watch list. It is a great thing to have a list of all the stuff I watched neatly in a corner in this wide world web. If you want to check it out. I recently updated it:

Moko's Profile at MyDramaList

There are some things everyone can try out because it's not a big thing to contribute some of your time to it: MOVIES. Maybe you might like to try out some of my favorites?!


Now I look back at my 2 years of addiction of KDramas. I wasn't always loyal but I always appreciated their existence. Knowing that something is out there that can shine for me in dark moments and lift my spirit up just with eyecandy and smart bickering. It's like eating chocolate to overcome the dullness of life. It's not everything but it's already a lot. 

The reasons for watching kept constantly changing. The best thing about a KDrama (or Drama in general) is that when it is well made it just feels like a looong movie. The character driven storys can offer everything in advance, partly because of their limited airtime. A destined couple that we don't have to wait to get together after 3-7 seasons ergo: a love story that cares about the phrase 'one and only'. A character development with depth. Relationships that leave a satisfying feeling even between enemys. And finally a story that has a beginning and an end (sequels are made on fansites or your very own head). 

And for the sake of celebrating my 2 years of love I will promise to get better at commenting, positiv criticizing, fangirling and posting articles at my blog. YEY for improvement. Aja aja, fighting!

Here my favourites for those interested: (First I should say: I am a rom-com sucker)

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince:

The sensation of 2007 KDramas. And my first BIG-crush. Poor girl cross-dresses as boy, falls in love with rich guy. Rich guy is attracted and thinks he's gay, eventually accepts that, but finds out he is a she. Anyway they get their Happy Ending. This is a common story, simple, cute and fresh written. Great directing with awesome scenery and a coffee-like spirit. Fun and well acted with good substorys. Beware! You will get over the withdrawal syndroms in maybe 6 months or so.

 2009 City Hall:
One emberassing moment after another. But this is full of actors being all funny and giddy and serious at the same time. It's about this crazy woman working at the city hall of her hometown and falling for the bastard child of a big political legend who wants to make her the next mayor. Of course they get together. After a lot of angst and a weird ending. But it's still worth it with all it's comical moments. You have to take what you get and after all: the journey is the reward. Yes it's addicting and I just recently watched it that's why I am mentioning it. Now that I look at it I should also make a Kim Sun Ah (lead actress) "Filmtipp". She's the goddess of rom-com.
Secret Graden:
Wow, I don't remember much of this series because it's like 2 years ago. But it is about the things we remember about a series that make them worth watching AGAIN, right? So one of my favorite actressess is in this one - Ha Ji Won. And of course Hyun Bin/ Binnie. Or was it Hyunnie? Whatever they are great at bickering. Story: The heir of a huge business (Hyun Bin) falls for the die-hard stuntwoman (Ha Ji Won) and violently catches her heart. The strong parts are the arguments and the comedy. What brings them together is literally magic - they switch bodys. It is a miracle alone that that does not come off weird in the drama, because it is a man a woman switching bodies and not a mother and her daughter. And it is happening pretty often on top of that. So Hyunnie plays the rich arrogant bad guy and Ji Won unnie the good hearted poor girl. This is a normal constellation. The extremes combined: boy vs. girl, rich vs. poor, arrogant vs. good-hearted. They switch and the lines blur. There were moments in this series I'll probably never forget. The images are burned in my head. The scenery is good and the atmosphere....expensive, mostly.



I will start with the ones most recent. Currently airing is City Hunter and because I watched the 3rd episode yesterday I still have this OH MY GOSH feeling. 'This is HUGE' that's what went through my head. I was already totally invested after the 2nd episode but yesterday I fell in love. My real life troubles seemed miles away and I guess this is the start of my Lee Min HOT-love. Damn you, fangirl. What might be an explanation is the fact that everything feels expensive, huge and beautiful  in this drama. The scenery, the actors, the story, the action, the intensity. It's all Hollywood stuff or better: the fusion of english and korean series styles. Well their might be some flaws and even I could see a few of them but still...AHHHHH OH MY GOSH THIS IS EPIC


01.06. 2011

Because I'm a sucker for Asian Dramas I will post some things about them on this site. Weil ich asiatische Dramas liebe, werde ich hier ein paar Dinge von dieser, meiner Passion posten. True, it's rather for myself to look at than others, but I feel secure to know that somewhere out there I have my list of things that I did. Stimmt, eigentlich ist es hauptsächlich für mich selbst, als für andere, aber ich fühle mich gut, wenn ich weiß, dass da draußen eine Liste von meinem Kram ist. Those I watched and enjoyed and those I want to remember. Sachen die ich mir angeschaut und geliebt habe, solche an die ich mich erinnern will. Because there will be a time that I need to remember. Weil ich weiß, dass Zeiten kommen an denen ich mich erinnern möchte. But with everything being digital in dramaland, I have nothing to put in my memento box. Doch mein Problem ist, dass alles im Dramaland nun mal digital ist und ich nichts davon in meine Erinnerungsbox tun kann. Isn't this the reason why people have blogs? Partially at least? Ist das nicht auch der Grund, warum Leute Blogs haben? Teilweise zumindest?

                          As mentioned my favourites: KDramas 


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