Mittwoch, 1. Juni 2011

Filmtipp - Godard

Yes, Godard. Because I came across a story in one of his movies and wanted to write it down in my story to go section. But then I found out that he actually made a filmlet out of it. So here we go with this typical french story with a typical Godard frame (Why are those girls always the same?^^)

It's in french with english subtitels and I can't put it on this site so I just have two links for you.

I will propably write the story down as well so that there'll be a translation of it.

Wort des Tages: study trip - Exkursion

Bibelvers des Tages: 2. Thessalonicher 3,5
"Der Herr richte eure Herzen auf die Liebe Gottes und die Geduld Christi."

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