Mittwoch, 8. Juni 2011

My Toma Love Banners

Today I sat down and made some banners. I'm not good at that, as you can see. But since I spend so much time on them, I - at least - want to show them around. Yes, I'm swanking. I did my best after all. I originally wanted to make them stylish and simple, tourned out that was harder than I thought.

I made them all for this blog I read a lot. Toma Love. Dedicted to Toma Ikuta - my favourite japanese actor.

Kate-chan do you like them??? Click on the banners and you will get a bigger one ;) If you'd like to use one and it's to tall, or to small, then please tell me. That can be easily changed.

What do you think? Endurable?



Banner#3 - is it 'of your heart' or 'in your heart'....or something else?...'revolution of your life'?



The left picture is from the current banner because I wanted to add a Toma picture.

 Today there's just a



  1. Oooh! He's the cool 2nd lead from Hana Kimi and the cute model/cameo in Hana Yori Dango?

    I <3 him too!


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